mums raising children with special needs.


mums raising children with special needs.


mums raising children with special needs.


mums raising children with special needs.

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Farewell to Too Peas

Farewell to our friends at Too Peas – it’s the end of an era, or pea’ra, for all their avid listeners and community. We all know how parenting a child with a disability can be lonely and isolating, but over the past five years there’s been a constant, chatty companion many of us have turned to as a source of comfort, entertainment and camaraderie.  “Too Peas in a Podcast” has been so much more than just a show for many of us disability parents; Mandy & Kate’s empathy, insightful discussions, humour and honesty created a safe space where our joys, struggles, …
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What are you going to do when he gets bigger?

By Christine Cronin “What are you going to do when he gets bigger?” This question pops up a lot. I get asked this by strangers who see him swipe at me while I’m trying to buckle him into his chair. I get asked this by people who witness his meltdowns in the playground as he flops to the ground like a pancake and I have to physically remove him from dangers. I get asked this by family members who see him barrel into me when he’s struggling to make sense of things not going the way he first processed they would. I …
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Addressing the “too big for a pram” conversation

By Christine Cronin “He’s too big to be in a chair” “My he’s gotten so big, I remember when I first said ‘hello’ to him, that a was a few years ago now. He’s gotten big. Still so happy and always gives me a wave or a flower.” Two comments I heard from two different strangers this week. A few years ago the first comment would have hurt me. It would have cut me deep and made me worry. I would have filled with thoughts of fear and shame. I would have believed the very core of it. He IS too big to …
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