5 things we get told a lot as parents of children with a disability

By Kelly Wilton

Put your hand up if you’ve heard one of these before…

1. You look tired.

Really, we hadn’t noticed!

2. You should take some time for you

From the person who says we look tired, but they never offer to take the kids!

3. You should go out more, get away from things for a bit

Sometimes the best thing is to actually say, no – what we need more than anything is to rest. But as our bodies and minds are very much in survival mode, it’s a hard thing to do. We have an over-stretched schedule and putting more on our plate (even if it is ‘self-care’) is just not doable. (unless it’s an offer from an awesome friend who fills your cup (or wine glass) up then it’s every bit worth considering!)

4. You should get some more help through the NDIS.

Ha, this is usually said by someone who has no idea about the NDIS! 

5. ‘Try getting up before the kids get up for the day’.

Oh man, if getting up before 5am means beating the kids, then they win, I’m out.

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