For the mama who didn’t get a healthy baby

By Sarah Lango

To the mom who didn’t get “just a healthy one”: 

A healthy baby. 
That’s what you want. 
Boy or girl? Doesn’t matter. 
Just a healthy one. 

With ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes. 
A tiny smile and button nose. 

 A brain that works as mine and yours. 
Tests coming back with perfect scores. 

A heart that beats strong—the rhythm of drums. 
And the in and out breath of healthy lungs. 

But then you find out it won’t be so. 
An unhealthy child— so much unknown. 

A journey full of winding roads. 
Ups and downs. Such highs and lows. 
A little one fighting for their life— 
And you, strong beside them in perfect stride. 

Just pushing them forward with all that you are— a mother who hasn’t backed down thus far. 

This motherhood it will indeed be hard. 
The heartbreak will leave inevitable scars. 

Not a motherhood you had ever planned for— 
But it won’t be less. It will be more. 

More love needed and more to give. 
An understanding compassion that is so so big. 

More strength than you had ever known. 
A faith in God and Him alone. 

You’ll learn to hope beyond all reason. 
And lay down burdens in every season. 

You’ll fight and give up and fight some more.
You won’t be stopped by seemingly closed doors. 

You’ll give more than you knew you could. 
And though you’ll grow weary you’ll still see the good. 

Yes this child— unhealthy as they may be. 
This child has allowed you so much to see. 

Joy and beauty. 
Pain and sorrow. 
A gratitude for every single tomorrow. 

This child is adored— a gift from above. 
A newfound passion full of motherhood love. 

So this is to the mother of an unhealthy child. 
Who holds up her head, moves forward and smiles. 

Your motherhood was not the way that you planned. 
But today you love more— and stronger you stand. 

Republished with permission: https://www.gracefilledgrowth.com/

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