Source mamas get real about caring

With it being National Carers Week, we asked our Source Mamas what they thought of the carer-parent role and what they have learnt along the way.

What I know now, that I didn’t know then – #TheCarerEdition.

There can be freedom found in acceptance.

I now know that most things don’t matter!
Who cares if they eat naked?
Won’t shower for a month? Under the sprinkler!
Cereal for dinner? Heck yeah!
Doesn’t complete homework? Oh well!
My hair hasn’t been cut for years? Money saved!
Clothes stained? Artistic expression!
Honestly. Does my kid know that I love them regardless? Good, done, success!

That no matter where He is developmentally he will always show his love for his family.
That all sorts of communication IS communication.
And the Power of YET is so powerful and empowering not just for me as a mum but for my son too.

That people will surprise you – both good and bad.
That help will come from unexpected places and discrimination will come from those who you thought would have shielded you from it and that there is no greater sound than a silent room after your little child challenges an adult for using ableist language about her big brother.

I feel him, I see him, this world is a better place for him being it.
Is caring hard? Yes, but boy oh boy the rewards are monumental. We are the lucky ones who get to experience miracle!

You learn to measure progress differently, both yours and theirs.
I also learned to replace Should with Could… I “should” be doing the washing to I “could” be doing the washing – Big difference!

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