Oh, what a night!

It’s been a while in the planning, however our first Source Mama Live Series event of the year all came together beautifully last Thursday night.

You can watch the replay right here:

Held at Brisbane’s ultra-luxe Cloudland, it was a night to remember as three fierce mamas took to the stage to speak to our very own Rebekah Devlin about the trials and triumphs they have faced over the years in their caring roles.

Bec Glover, founder of Ruby and Ollie’s All Abilities Childcare, Sarah Thomas, founder of Wholesome Blends and Fiona Lawton who started Neu Pathways Australia shared how they used their experience raising children living with disability to make a difference and create something extraordinary.

These three astonishing ladies captivated their fellow mamas – we laughed, cried and nodded our heads in agreement with pretty much everything they said.

We will leave you with some wise words from our panellists (and you must watch the recording, as there were many, many wise words!)

Rebekah Devlin – The label ‘Super Mum’ gets thrown around all the time. What advice would you give for the mum that is struggling right now and literally crawling through her days? How would you help her find her sense of self again?

Bec from Ruby and Ollie’s All Abilities Childcare:

One thing I don’t do myself is the whole mask thing and I never put myself first at all.

Putting yourself first for a little while and actually thinking you can do something, and that this isn’t your life forever.

Go to where you can see, and then when you get there, you’ll see further, further and then further. You don’t know where you’ll end up and what will come of it. 

Trust in yourself and your process and try not to doubt the idea that you have.

Fiona from Neu Pathways Australia:

I think we should always remind ourselves that on any given day, you are already doing enough. And you already are enough. You don’t have to be ‘on’ every day. One of the things that I remember… a nurse said to me, you might have one bad hour a day, one bad day a week, or one bad week a month. But when you encounter it, say “that’s the one”. I’ve had my bad day, it’s behind me, now I can make some space.  

If you can find something, find the thing that interests you because when you are in the depths and you’re questioning everything, it will keep you going.

It really is putting your mask on first before you can help other people.

Sarah from Wholesome Blends:

Choose your hard.

We wake up every morning knowing we have five hard things, or whatever your number is. That’s ok, we can handle those hard things.

But when seven more hard things come in unexpected, it throws you off kilter a bit.

So, choose your hard. Choose what fight you want to have – whether that’s the school, whether it’s the hospital, whether it’s a friend or your husband/partner.

Choose your hard.

To the fierce lionesses reading this – you are not alone.

Set aside an hour and fill your cup by watching the inspiring panel chat here.

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